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  • "Many thanks for a wonderful job. Your staff were exceptional with their attention and care with the installation."


  • "Thank you for the beautiful work that your tradesmen did.
    They were courteous, polite and left no mess. Wonderful job."


  • "Very impressed by the accuracy of fit, the unblemished finish
    of the materials and excellent operation of the doors."



  • "I am delighted with the finished result!"


A wardrobe needs to be as functional inside as it is beautiful on the outside.

We are a family company and have been since 1994, we are based at Guildford in NSW and our services extend to the whole Sydney metropolitan area. Our success is based on the fact that we focus on designing and manufacturing the best quality wardrobes to meet the various needs and tastes of our customers.

We believe that our complete dedication to the product has made us experts and the best people to approach for advice on which layout and wardrobe doors suit your needs and budget.


Common wardrobe layouts

The Wattle:

This layout is perfect as a two person robe or alternatively, as a single person’s robe. It has a good balance for packing and hanging.

The Manatoka:

A two door design budget style robe perfect for a single user.

The Bottlebrush:

This is a very popular design and has loads of hanging with some packing. This design can be manufactured in almost any size.

The Waratah:

A perfect design for the main bedroom, with double drawers, lots of double hanging space and centre long hanging, making this a perfect wardrobe for any couple.

The Banksia:

A three door robe aimed at people looking for lots of hanging and which provides appropriate packing and show space.

The Jacaranda:

This robe is an alternative to the Waratah. It has the drawers slightly inset to allow space for the bedside table or other furniture.

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